Origin Spotlight

Origin Spotlight is a panel made up of 10 residents who check that services are being delivered to a high standard and challenge us when this is not happening. The Spotlight panel also ensure that we deliver on actions agreed following scrutiny of our services.  They play a key role in ensuring that we collect the views of a wide and representative resident base and influencing the work that we do.

When a place becomes available on the panel we will advertise the role on our website and also invite residents on our involved list to apply. If you would like more information or interested in being added to the waiting list for this group, can you please email community.development@originhousing.org.uk


Spotlight minutes

Spotlight meeting, 12 March 2020

Spotlight COVID-19 meeting, 29 April 2020

Spotlight COVID-19 meeting, 28 May 2020

Spotlight meeting, 29 June 2020

Spotlight meeting, 30 September 2020 
Spotlight meeting, 10 December 2020

Meet some of our Spotlight members

Jane, Camden resident - chair

'I have been an Origin resident for 26 years. I have been on the Spotlight panel for about two years.  I have been previously involved in a few other resident panels, neighbourhood, repairs,  large works and scrutiny.
 I believe resident engagement is vital in housing associations.  Our homes matter, the services we receive are so important and residents are best placed to give honest feedback and be constructive when new initiatives are considered. 
 The members of Spotlight may be the most constant contact Origin has with its residents on a face to face basis. There are many ways all residents can get involved and contribute on  ad hoc projects or surveys, many of these are online and for a set amount of time. Spotlight is ongoing and I do believe Origin trust our feedback and consider our views and suggestions and include them in the decisions they are ultimately responsible for making.'

Kirsten,  Camden resident - vice chair 

'In April 2018 I moved from the private rented sector to my Origin flat in Camden. The much more organised contact between Origin staff and residents, as opposed to the patchy, insecure environment offered by the typical private landlord was refreshing and reassuring.
Managing the thousands of Origin properties is complicated and for the organisation to work at its best, we residents must be actively involved. I therefore joined Spotlight in autumn 2018, hoping to do my bit to achieve the best possible outcome for all. I have also taken part in a number of scrutiny panels, focus groups and recruitment panels. These groups are all helping to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.
There are challenges, of course, but the way we overcome them is to listen and learn from each other and Spotlight is a great forum for helping to resolve these issues.'

Lia V,  South Edmonton, Enfield
'I've been an Origin resident for over 26 years (transferring from Islington Council 1994). Lived on current estate since 2006. I've been involved in discussions in the past, but it wasn't until early 2019 I became involved in activity on my estate. Residents came together as a group to inform Origin of solutions which worked better for residents than what was being proposed. Our group also had a wider reach to residents from other estates and has created engagement with a wider Origin community. As a result, I became involved with the Residents' Engagement Strategy and am a member of the Spotlight Group. I've learned being involved brings about the potential for a better relationship and understanding with Origin and greater opportunity for positive change to our neighbourhoods.'

Nickie F, Barnet Resident 
'Origin Housing leaseholder for seven years, and active in local Residents’ Association for most of that time. Live in a leasehold building for active people over retirement age. Have seen at first hand how much residents’ lives and Origin Housing’s performance can both be improved when Origin and residents can work together as equal partners.'