Origin culture

We are proud to champion our values as a strong representation of our culture – they are a set of expectations for all employees right up to Senior Manager, Executive team level and beyond.

Everyone has a voice at Origin and there are lots of great ways for employees to get involved and find out more about what is going on across the business. For example, by attending our monthly “Tea@Two”s for a brew and an update from each department, reading the monthly Origin Brief newsletter, listening to our employee-led Origin Podcast, chatting to others on Origin’s Yammer page or completing one of our regular happiness surveys.

After you start you can also apply for any staff council vacancies, which gives people the opportunity to influence key decisions across the organisation. By gathering views and opinions from the area you represent at the Staff Council, you’ll be able to give feedback from your colleagues on any new initiatives and business proposals.

At the heart of our behaviours are our values, so going back to the idea of resetting the dial, our values have been realigned to reflect our values and aspirations for what we want Origin to be. We want to reflect our heritage and the innovation of our founders, starting with what we had on day one when Father Basil Jellicoe stated ‘housing is not enough’.



Take the lead

Take action, get involved, listen, challenge, be objective, question, help, try things out , make a difference.  We embrace change and are inspired and encouraged to make change  happen. 


Create energy

We direct our energy towards moving things forward. We gain energy from our achievements which, in turn, motivates us even more. 


Build trust

There exists a common trust between us; our residents and each other. We are inclusive, united by our shared goal to build thriving communities where people can prosper and grow. 


Be generous

We are committed to giving more of ourselves - it comes naturally to us. From this we feel fulfilled. 


Stay grounded

We 'get' life; we know where it can take people - sometimes up, sometimes down. We're realistic and pragmatic in our approach. We believe it is our social responsibility to get individuals, families and communities back on track. 


Remember the little things

We're here to make the world a better place; one small action at a time. Little things add up and become a big change.