Money Worries


Are you struggling with debt? Do you find it difficult to keep up with your rent and bills?

If you are it's important that you get in touch with our Financial Support Team as soon as possible so we can help.

We will talk you through your options and offer you information to help you manage your money.

We can also support you to:

  • get all of the benefits that you are entitled to 
  • help you manage your rent and other bills
  • budget your money
  • access better deals
  • review your debt options

This service is completely free. 

You can also find lots of free debt advice services by using the Money Advice Service where to get free debt advice tool


Dealing with debts

There are four simple steps that could help tackle your debt and money worries:


  • Maximise your income – are you getting everything you are entitled to?
  • Complete a budget plan – what money do you have coming in and going out?
  • Complete a creditor list – who do you owe money to, and how much?
  • Get free information – find out what options are available to you


Types of debts:

Priority debts:

If you are in financial difficulty and have debts, it's important to pay your priority debts first.

These include:

  • Rent
  • Mortgage and loans secured loan repayment
  • Fuel debts
  • Child support and maintenance payments
  • Council tax
  • TV license payments
  • Certain payments ordered by the courts.


If you don't pay a priority debt:

  • you could lose your home through rent,
  • you could be subject to court and/or bailiff action,
  • your gas or electricity supply could be cut off.


Non-priority debts:

If you fail to pay ‘non-priority debt' the consequences are usually less serious than not paying a priority debt. We strongly suggest that you contact our Financial Support Team, who will discuss all of the options available to you.


Non priority debts include:

  • Credit card debts
  • Hire purchase agreements (HP)
  • Unsecured bank or pay day loans (loans that are not secured against your property)
  • Overdraft
  • Water bills
  • Loans from friends and family.


If you don't pay a non-priority debt:

  • Your creditor could obtain a county court judgement against you; and if you don't keep to the terms of the court order then your creditor can go back to court and for a bailiff warrant.

How we can help

If you find yourself facing money problems, our Financial Support Team is here to help.

Get in touch and the Financial Support Team will do a full assessment of your circumstances, taking into account money you have coming in  as well as options you have for maximising your income. These could be through benefits payments or through debt options. 


Who is entitled to free assessment and help?

Our Financial Support Team will assist all Origin residents (tenants, homeowners, shared-owners). The assessment and advice session is usually carried out over the phone, but home-visits are also possible in exceptional circumstances. 

How do I apply?

To contact our Financial Support Team, you can:

  1. Call 0300 323 0325 and ask to speak to the Financial Support Team
  2. Fill in the form below - we will get back to you within 72 hours


We ask for your name, email and phone number so that we can contact you about your request for help with benefits or money.


Contact Financial Support Team

0300 323 0325