Home Improvement Agency (in Camden)


Who is it for?

Older, disabled homeowners and private tenants who live in Camden.


What type of work does it cover?

There are plenty of adaptations / building works that can be carried out in your home to make your life easier, for example:

  • grab rails
  • ramps for wheelchairs
  • door entry security systems
  • walk-in showers
  • heating
  • electrical works
  • roof repairs
  • stair lifts
  • draught-proofing and insulation


How is it funded?

Local authority grants are available for essential repairs and adaptations for residents who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable. The grants are means-tested, that is, awarded to people on low income.

We can help you apply for the grant, depending on your circumstances. We have a team of surveyors and advisers who will look after the project from start to finish.

If you aren't eligible for a means-tested grant, we can still help you by providing a private project management service. We arrange quotes for the work from approved contractors and oversee the project on your behalf.


How to apply?

If you would like to find out more about this service please call 0300 323 0550 or submit the form below:


We ask for your name, phone number, email and address so that we can look into and contact you about your enquiry.

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Camden Home Improvements Agency

0300 323 0550