Staying home safely

As we are all staying at home more, fire safety is really important to all of us. In 2020 we are seeing an increase in weekday fires and fires earlier in the day so firefighters are warning that common causes of fires in the home such as cookingsmokingelectrical items and heating sources could happen even more prevalent as people are spending more time indoors than usual
Here are our top tips for staying at home safely:
  • Test your smoke alarms weekly
  • Plan an escape route from your home that would be the best way to leave your home in the event of fire
  • Don’t leave elctrical devices on charge overnight 
  • Don’t leave the kitchen if you’re cooking
  • Not overloading sockets
  • Close internal doors at night
  • Taking extra care if using candles
  • Make sure any cigarettes are put out fully
  • Don’t throw cigarette ash down the rubbish chute if still glowing
  • Make sure you put your rubbish into the bin