Keeping you safe – what we are doing on fire safety

We are committed to providing homes that are safe for you to live in and have been following Government guidance and are working in partnership with the London Fire Brigade.  

We’ve carried out in-depth fire risk assessments on all our residential blocks, and last year invested over £6 million in strengthening our fire safety measures. To make the work we've done as transparent and accessible as possible we built an on line portal so you can quickly access the Fire Risk Assessment for your block or building.

Our team regularly review progress on completing fire risk actions and carry out compliance checks (for example on gas, water, electricity and lift installations) so if we identify a risk we immediately put in place measures to reduce that risk until we are able to get it fixed.  We are complete estate inspections quarterly and have a contractor who is installing and maintaining fire doors where needed.

Whilst we wait for detailed legislation from the Government we are starting to gather information on all of our buildings to fully capture the construction and design details and all external materials used.
If you are a homeowner, leaseholder or a shared owner – please get in touch with us if you are thinking of selling your property.
Mortgage lenders are looking for detailed information on the construction and safety rating of your building if it has external cladding and / or a balcony.
We are committed to providing all information currently available and working to establish further detailed information, but this will take some time. This may not at this stage be enough to satisfy lenders’ queries. The lack of this information is a national issue, and not just one that Origin and our residents are facing.
Any questions please email, call 0300 323 0325 or use the contact form:

Leaseholders' front doors

As a leaseholder you are responsible for your own front door, but as a landlord we need to ensure that you and other residents are protected from fire. So if you are planning to replace your front door:

  • Let us know the door set type and safety certification for the door so we can let you know if that meets the right fire safety standards
  • You will then need to send us the safety certificate for the door set once it has been fitted
  • For safety reasons you will have to change the complete door set and not just the door
  • If you live in one of our taller buildings, we will need to make sure that your choice is independently verified. 
  • We may have a programme of upgrading doors in your building, in which case we will consult with you and re charge for any replacement we make
  • Give us access to your home so we can maintain the fire doors
For all residents please do not change anything on your fire door. 

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing 


What are our fire policies?

If you live in a block, fire safety guidance is available in the common areas such as in corridors and stairways.

Fire Service guidance supports a ‘stay put’ measure in many of our properties - in other words, stay in your home in the event of a fire elsewhere in the block - as it helps prevent risk of injury (e.g. smoke inhalation) and allows the fire brigade to enter the building unobstructed to tackle the source of the fire. The fire brigade can then swiftly get to the flat concerned and tackle and contain the fire, or decide if they need to evacuate any other residents

Any building that has this strategy will have been built to withstand a fire for a certain period. If a fire were to break out in an individual flat the fire would be contained within that area as long as the front door onto the stairway/fire escape is closed. This allows the residents in the affected flat to escape and any other resident affected by smoke to leave safely.

We have  a formal partnership with the London Fire Brigade which ensures we have up to date guidance on how best to keep our residents safe from fire.

We have taken further steps to ensure safety by completing full expert assessments on our properties including looking at measures which prevent the spread of smoke and fire and deciding if a stay put policy is appropriate. As part of this work we have been upgrading doors and closers, where required, to ensure that fire is contained and escape routes are protected.