Building safety, communal areas, neighbourhood safety and other safety advice

Origin is responsible for the communal areas in the buildings we own. We carry out regular building inspections to make sure our residents can exit the building safely if there is an emergency.

If we find any hazards that might prevent people being able to enter or leave the building safely we’ll leave a notice on them to let the owners know they need to be moved. This is often things like bikes and scooters. We respect our residents belongings and would rather not remove them at any point, however if there is a risk to other residents in the building we’ll need to remove them. We also regularly inspect the neighbourhood and report any concerns or maintenance that’s needed when required.

What we’d like you to do to help keep everything as safe as possible

  • Please report any safety or potential environmental issues. These can include:

    • Fly tipping

    • Broken street lighting

    • Slip/trip hazards

    • Unsafe trees

    • Antisocial behaviour

    • Issues with vermin (especially around bin storage areas)

  • Please dispose of your rubbish carefully to keep things clean and tidy and close any doors behind you. This will help minimise the risk of fly tipping, help prevent vermin and minimise any fire risk.

  • Please make sure you are aware of, and follow, the responsibilities outlines in your Tenancy Agreement if you keep a pet. Report any dangerous or out of control animals to us at Origin by emailing, calling us on 0300 323 0325 or speaking to your Neighbourhood Manager and please also report any issues to your local council.

If you have any questions  your local council will be able to provide information and advice on bin collections and dates and any environmental crimes like fly tipping.

We can advise you around on cleaning and maintenance schedules and provide any information you need on the responsibilities we have as a landlord and your responsibilities as a tenant.