Pest control

You are responsible for keeping your property clean to avoid pest problems. We are a member of, and audited by, the British Pest Control Association. 



Pest control for tenants:

If you have a problem with pests we offer appointments for:

  • rats and mice
  • pigeons
  • wasps nests
  • Pharoah ants in your home (these are red / orange in colour)
  • cockroaches
  • squirrels
  • bird mites
  • bed bugs

We do not treat:

  • bees
  • fleas
  • moths
  • silver fish


Pest control for homeowners and shared owners:

If they are present in your property they are your responsibility to remove.

If you have a problem with pests in the communal areas of your home, please use the form below to report it. 


How quickly we will help you;

We will come out to sort out the pest-related problems:

  • within two working days if you have a problem with wasps
  • within 30 days for any other infestation. 


We ask for your name, email, phone number and address so that we can look into and contact you about your enquiry.

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Please know that you are giving a preferred date for your pest control appointment, we will confirm as soon as possible.