How to become a supplier

To be considered to become one of our suppliers, please send us an email using the form below.

This page is being continually updated, providing you with the latest information on our procurement processes and other procurement related news.

For informational purposes, here is a link to our Supplier Code of Conduct with GDPR Compliance Questionnaire form for Suppliers (General Data Protection Regulation). This code states the expectations of suppliers who do business with Origin Housing Ltd, including their subsidiaries, third parties and associates.

Every approved supplier working for any part of the Origin Housing Limited must first read and sign the Supplier Code of Conduct with GDPR Compliance Questionnaire for suppliers and follow all parts of the code. We will investigate and take action on any failures to comply with this code or the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.

We ask for your name, email, phone number and role in the company so that we can reply to your enquiry about becoming a supplier.