Summer safety tips


Barbeques – never light a barbeque on your balcony. They can cause fires to start when falling embers burn items on the ground below or they are too close to other items that will burn. Depending on where they are placed on the balcony, you could become trapped and be unable to escape in the event of a fire. For more information follow the link;

Paddling pools – should always be on your own property. If you want to put a paddling pool in communal space, please contact your Neighbourhood Manager to check whether this is permitted as there may be restrictions to the use of communal space. Paddling pools should always be supervised by a responsible adult and emptied or covered at the end of the day to prevent contamination by debris, insects or animals.

Balconies – please do not store anything combustible or flammable (anything that will burn in a fire) on your balcony as it could help a fire to spread.

Smoking – remember to fully extinguish all smoking materials as discarded or smouldering items can cause fires to start. For more information follow the link;

Electric sockets – if any sockets are damaged or have scorch marks on them; do not use them and report the repair to us. Never run more than one extension lead from a socket. Make sure they are fully unwound and only plug low voltage items into them. For example, don’t connect a kettle and a toaster to the same extension lead as it can overheat, cut out or cause a fire to start.  For more information on electrical safety at home, follow the link;

Bogus callers –always check who is at your door before you open it. Anyone working for or on behalf of Origin Housing will have an identity badge and you can check they are authentic by calling us on 0300 323 0325. If you are unsure who is at your door, don’t open it; check by looking through the spyhole, a closed window or asking them through the closed door.  Never buzz someone into your block without checking their identity or let someone you don’t know tailgate you in to your block.

Protecting yourselves in the sun – limit your UV exposure by;
  • limiting exposure to direct sunlight between 11am and 3pm in the UK in summer
  • seeking shade
  • wearing clothing that provides a high level of absorption of UV
  • wearing a hat that shades the face and neck
  • sunscreen should be used in addition to, rather than instead of, these measures
  • Keep babies under 6 months out of direct sunlight
Choose a sunscreen that can provide good UVA and UVB protection, with a four- or five-star rating and a high SPF, to prevent sunburn. Apply enough to cover all exposed skin before exposure to direct sunlight and re-apply regularly, especially after exercise or swimming.  Don’t forget to check if your half-used bottles are still effective – there is information about how long they last once opened on the label.