Making our systems more efficient


During these difficult times, our IT team has been looking at how we can make our systems more efficient for our residents and staff. One of the ways they have done this is by working with our Income team to automate the import process of payments from local authorities to residents' accounts.
As of this month we have automated the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Camden and Stevenage payment file process worth approximately £7.62 million a year. By bringing this process in house and having our IT team automate it, we have saved roughly 200 hours of labour. This means our IT teams have more time to make sure the rest of our systems are running smoothly. 

This also means that when our new resident portal launches this summer, the payments will be visible on your account within minutes of us receiving the payment file from the local authority. Our Customer Resolution Officers will also be able to see this which can save you the time of having to update the payment details on your account when speaking to our Customer Resolution team. 
We are continuing to automate the remaining local authorities payment files which we aim to complete in the next few months.