Government update on Coronavirus restrictions


Prime Minister confirmed that the government hopes to go ahead with the final lifting of lockdown restrictions on 19 July – but said this would only be fully approved on 12 July.

  • All regulations on social distancing and mask wearing are to be lifted on 19 July, although there will be guidance on mask-wearing in confined places.
  • The requirement to work from home where possible will end, but employers are encouraged to consult with their staff about this move. No new employment rights were announced, so employees will have no legal backing to refuse work in a workplace without masking or social distancing protocols.
  • Local transport authorities and airlines will be able to set mask-wearing as a condition for travel, but there will be no law requiring masks to be worn.
  • Table service and other social distancing measures in pubs and restaurants are also set to be lifted on 19 July, the prime minister said, which will allow drinkers to order at the bar again.
  • The requirement to self-isolate for 14 days will remain in place for those who test positive for Covid-19
  • Social distancing restrictions will also remain in place at ports and airports, where the one-metre plus rule will continue to apply
  • An announcement on travel from amber list countries for travellers who have received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine is expected to come later this week
  • An announcement around school bubbles is expected in the coming days
The Origin team are meeting on Thursday to talk about what this means for residents and our services and will provide more updates after the 12 July.