Changes to parking charges


Following a recent review of our parking policy we have stopped charges for parking bays. All charges have been stopped from 1 April 2021 and residents parking bay accounts have been adjusted

All residents with parking charges in their area have been notified via letter.

If this affects you and you have an overall credit balance on your accounts, including your main rent account, you may apply for a refund by completing a form online at The refund will be credited to your bank account within 28 working days of us receiving the signed refund form. 

If you pay for your parking bay by Direct Debit, we will arrange for this to be cancelled. If you pay by Standing Order you will need to contact your bank to get this cancelled. 

There is nothing else you need to do for now but if you do have any questions please call on 020 7209 9313 or email

Frequently asked questions:

Will I still be able to keep my allocated bay?

Yes, you will keep your allocated bay/s. The only change is that you will no longer be charged for your bay. Please do continue to display your permit clearly to ensure you do not receive a parking ticket. Parking enforcement will still be active in your area.

Why have you stopped charges for parking bays?

Following a parking complaint from one of our sites, our Scrutiny Task and Finish Group reviewed our Parking Policy and submitted recommendations for improvement. From this, we have agreed to stop all charges for parking bays.

Why have the charges stopped from 1 April 2021

This was when the Scrutiny groups recommendations were submitted and agreed by our Customer Services Committee.

I have received a parking ticket; do I still need to pay for this?

Yes, if parking patrols are in your area you will still need to pay for any outstanding tickets and continue to clearly display your permit to deter any further tickets.

Can we just park anywhere now?

Parking arrangements have not changed. Parking arrangements differ from site to site. Please check your lease or tenancy agreement, or contact us if you are unsure about your own parking arrangements.

I would like to start parking in my street, but I need a permit, how to I receive one?

If you live in an area where there is a parking permit scheme. Contact your Neighbourhood Manager who will be able to advise the cost of a permit and how to apply for one.