Ashton Court redevelopment


Corridors at Ashton Court and inside Sue's newly remodelled flat. 

Ashton Court is our newly redeveloped retirement scheme, which has been remodelled to increase space and improve standards for residents. Once fully completed, in addition to 24 one bedroom apartments, there will be a communal lounge, a mobility scooter store, laundry facilities, and communal landscaped gardens.

All flats come with a kitchen, living area and walk-in washroom and some flats have a balcony which overlooks the communal garden. The corridors on each floor are painted with different bright colours specifically to help residents with dementia. The London Borough of Camden are using the scheme as an example of what can be achieved when remodelling sheltered blocks and generating affordable homes in high value areas.

We spoke to Sue to find see how she was finding her new home. Sue has lived at Ashton Court for over a decade. She moved back into her renovated flat two weeks ago and has already made the place her own. She said Ashton Court is the best thing to happen to her because of how safe she feels in her flat.

The communal lounge and garden at Ashton Court will be complete in March 2020.Until then, there has been a temporary lounge set up in one of the vacant flats. The lounge has board games and a reading corner, and will be used for social events such as coffee mornings. 

The temporary Ashton Court communal lounge.