early-adopter-graphic.pngTogether with Tenants

What is Together with Tenants?

Together with Tenants is about rebalancing the relationship between people who live in housing association homes and their landlords.
It aims to do this by setting clear commitments for tenants andresidents on what they can and should expect from their landlord, enabling them to hold their housing association to account onthe issues that matter to them.
Together with Tenants is an initiative from the National Housing Federation, developed in partnership
with its housing association members, tenants, residents and social housing stakeholders. 
We are working on our Resident Engagement Strategy  that aims to the resident at the centre, to listen and work in partnership.   The future direction of the strategy  will be based on these core principles: 
  • More targeted, realistic and achievable – a ‘less is more’ approach 
  • Connected to core performance – prioritising resident involvement that drives better services and increased satisfaction
  • Firmly two-way – enabling not just residents to have their say in how Origin works, but also to make it our business to get involved in what matters most to the residents and communities we serve. Reporting back to show people what difference their input has made.
  • Focused on rebuilding trust and relationships – through regular, open, and sustained customer communication across a wider and balanced range of channels, including digital services. Focusing on outcomes and helping people to feel more part of Origin.
  • Embedded into every job – every staff member to engage with residents.
  • Revive the spirit of St Pancras HA – using customer insight and engagement to develop some ‘wow factors’ about our offer to residents and communities, and rediscovering some of the passion and boldness of our founders. – not sure if we should include this in the context we are talking about?
  • Offer something for everyone – taking a flexible and experimental approach to match people’s preferences and enable a wider range of voices to be heard, regardless of tenure, household type, location or other differences.


How can I get involved?

If you’d like to get involved with Together with Tenants, or you’d like more information, get in touch with us by emailing enquiries@originhousing.org.uk


You can also sign up to the Federation’s mailing list to get updates and insight as the project develops. You can sign up by sending your name, the name of your housing association and your email address to communications@housing.org.uk