Neighbourhood Explorer 

Our February 2020 neighbourhood explorers before heading off to Brent​

What is neighbourhood explorer?

Neighbourhood explorer is when colleagues across the organisation volunteer to visit one of our neighbourhoods, door knocking and completing a questionnaires with residents about their local area, our services and priority areas for improvements. The Neighbourhood Explorers sessions take place quarterly are organised by the Community Development team with support from the Neighbourhood team who assist in identifying neighbourhoods to visit, logistics and follow ups. 

When residents are not home during our Neighbourhood Explorers visits, we leave cards with links and contacts to the survey to make sure all reisdents can share their feedback. The feedback we receive from residents is fed back to the relevant teams so that we can continuously improve our services. If there are any individual issues that need to be actioned, these are sent to the correct departments and residents will be updated seperately.

We inform residents of the date we'll be visiting in advance using posters and emails and send newsletters updating residents within 4-6 weeks of the neighbourhood explorer visit taking place. Neighbourhood explorers is a great way for colleagues who are less customer-facing to meet our residents. The visits are one of the many ways we're implementing our Together strategy. 

Neighbourhood Explorer - COVID update

We've shifted how we do neighbourhood explorers during the coronavirus pandemic to make sure that we continue to collect resident feedback. Instead of door knocking, we are now calling residents to speak to them and find out how we are doing as your landlord and how we can improve. 

Where have our neighbourhood Explorers been in 2020-2021

Brent - 6 February 2020 
Camden - 19 May 2020 
Enfield - 24 August 2020  
Somers Town - 4 February 2021
Hemingway Close - 29th June 2021

Next Neighbourhood Explorers:
Watermill Lane on 14th October 2021
Hollsworthy Square on Tuesday 7th December 2021
Stevenage Tuesday 15th March 2022