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Estimate of beneficiaries. Please note that you will be required to report on numbers of Origin residents if successful.
Please tick which of the following themes your project meets:

We are particularly keen to receive applications that support our investing in communities’ priorities as part of our Together strategy or tackle the impact of COVID-19.
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List of funding organisations & amount secured from each.
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Please provide the following for your reference: Name, Organisation they work for (organisations only), Contact number, Email, Relation to you/ organisation.
For example Risk Assessment
Public liability insurance, if applicable
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Statement evidencing that all staff & practitioners are DBS checked to the required standards for the project being undertaken.
I confirm that the information given on this form and any supporting papers is to the best of my knowledge and belief true and accurate. I understand that if I have given misleading information this will be sufficient grounds for cancelling this application. I consent Origin Housing Ltd using material contained in this application, or in any accompanying documentation, for publicity purposes.