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We are always looking to recruit members onto our next Scrutiny Task and Finish group. Being a member of the Scrutiny Task and Finish group, it will provide a positive addition to your CV, allow you to meet other residents, work with  staff and provide an opportunity to make a real difference. Good attendance to meetings are rewarded with gift vouchers. If you would like to apply, the application can be found here and you can send this to or send us an email and let us know you are interested and we can go from there!

Other ways you can get involved:

  • Apply to join our Spotlight Panel - Follow the link below for more information

  • Online forums to provide their views and receive feedback

  • Topic/issue based consultation in form of focus groups, local meetings or similar

  • Estate inspections together with staff.

Fill out this form to let us know how you would like to get involved and we will be in touch.

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