How are we doing?

Our quarterly performance update.

We measure ourselves against a number of key performance indicators, which we update every quarter to see where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

We set our targets by comparing our performance with the best performing housing associations.

Quarter 4, 2020-21

Satisfaction with:

       Origin as a landlord: 68.8% (66.4%  a year ago) - our target for 2020/21  is 77%

We understand that we need to work more closely with our residents on the issues that matter most to them in
their local area.  Before the pandemic we were running Neighbourhood Explorer days with staff from across Origin
getting out and knocking on doors to get feedback. Given lockdown restrictions we are continuing doing these
through phone contact but depending on the Governments Road map we will be starting these in person as soon as
we are able. In addition we have been trying out working with residents to develop Estate Action Plans. In creating
these plans  identify and tackle resident priorities and keep people informed. We plan to develop more of these
over the coming months working with more residents in different areas.
In recent months we have introduced a new repairs service offer which means that many more residents get their
repairs done within a day of reporting the problem – around 20% currently – or at a time to suit the resident.
We continue to work to improve communication. Over 76% of residents feel they are kept informed and 65% say
that we are easy to deal with. New digital ways of communicating with us have been introduced and we are focused
on resolving issues as swiftly as possible and keeping you updated if there are delays. 

    Complaint handling: 25.8% (18% a year ago) - our target for 2020/21  is 50%

We value complaints as they give us a chance to put things right and highlight what needs to improve.
We also welcome feedback on how your complaint was handled. During this past year we have had feedback from
62 people. Most complaints relate to repairs and although complaints about this service amount to only 0.5% of
repair requests, we know that our customers experience of how their complaints are handled needs to be a lot
better. So we have  completely reviewed our complaints processes and procedures to check for gaps, while working
with all complaint handlers across the business to ensure these policies are followed. All formal complaints are now
reviewed by Senior Management and our Board has oversight of what is driving complaints and action taken to
address lessons learned.

    Quality of  your home: 71.4% (72.4% a year ago) - our target for 2020/21 is 77%

Our priority is your safety, particularly meeting new fire safety standards, so this is the bulk of our investment being made in your homes. We are prioritising other types of investment, such as replacing key elements like kitchens and bathrooms, based on risk.  We are working with our contractors to improve response times for broken door entry systems and working with residents and the police to tackle serious anti social behaviour. 75% say they feel their home is safe and secure.
We continue to work with our contractors to make sure day to day repairs meet the right standard and are completed right first time in order to improve the overall quality of our homes. We are aware that damp and mould issues can be difficult to resolve and we are working to improve the diagnosis and resolution of leaks and our communication with residents who are affected.

Repairs and maintenance:

   88% of residents are satisfied with their last repair (86% a year ago). Our target for 2020/21 is 90%

     90%  of repairs completed 'right first time' (89.6% a year ago) - our target for 2020/21 is 90%

    97.8%  of appointments made and kept (97.7% a year ago) - our target for 2020/21 is 95%

   100% of people satisfied with our aids and adaptations service (100% a year ago) -  our target for 2020/21
                       is 97%

We are continuing to work with our main contractors to ensure all repairs are carried out to a high standard and completed as soon as possible.  We have introduced same day appointments for repairs and have been able to carry out over 20% of jobs on the same day they are reported. All residents who have said they are unhappy with their repairs are contacted to put the problem right.

Lettings and estate management:

   Our average time taken to re-let an empty home is 111 days. 40 days a year ago)                                                                                                                   Our target for 2020/21 is 22 days
During the current year we have had to change how we let our vacant properties and for a period of time, due to
Covid restrictions, we were unable to let properties.  Our lettings team are now using new methods such as online
viewings and online sign up meet Covid-secure government guidelines. The team continue to work with our
contractors and Local Authorities who nominate new tenants to ensure that our properties are let as quicky as


Our income performance:

       Current rent arrears for all rented homes is at 4.8% (3.3% a year ago) . Our target for 2020/21 is 3.4%

      Current rent arrears for Shared Owners  is at 2.9% (2.1% a year ago). Our target for 2020/21 is 1%

 Current rent arrears for our Retirement residents  is at 1.7% (2% a year ago). Our target for 2020/21 is 1.5%

There has been an increase in arrears across all our tenures and our teams are working closely with all residents affected. The income team and specialist financial support staff are available to offer assistance to residents facing difficulties during this period. We are also working with the Department for Work and Pensions  to ensure we are able to support those residents who require help with universal credit claims.


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