How are we doing?

Our quarterly performance update.

We measure ourselves against a number of key performance indicators, which we update every quarter to see where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

We set our targets by comparing our performance with the best performing housing associations.

Quarter 4, 2019-20

Satisfaction with:

       Origin as a landlord: 65%  - our target for 2019/20 is 70%

We are working on progressing our customer service action plan and progressing quick wins where possible  to improve our overall customer satisfaction with residents

    Complaint handling: 18% - our target for 2019/20 is 50%

 We value complaints as they highlight problems along with areas for improvement and give us a chance to put things right. We are aware that our customers experiences of how their complaints are handled need to be improved, so we are completely reviewing our complaints processes and procedures. 

    Quality of  your home: 72% - our target for 2019/20 is 75%

We are working with our contractors to ensure any repairs work carried out meets adequate standard and completed right first time in order to improve the overall quality of our homes.


Repairs and maintenance:

   86% of residents are satisfied with their last repair. Our target for 2019/20 is 90%

     85%  of repairs completed 'right first time' - our target for 2019/20 is 90%

    98%  of appointments made and kept - our target for 2019/20 is 95%

   100% of people satisfied with our aids and adaptations service - our target for 2019/20 is 97%

We are continuing to work with our main contractors to enure all repairs are carried out to a high standard and completed as soon as possible. All residents that expressed dissatisfaction on  their repairs are followed up to ensure they are happy with the works carried out in their home.


Lettings and estate management:

   Our average time taken to re-let an empty home is 44 days. Our target for 2019/20 is 22 days

The Lettings team are working with the property contractors to ensure our void properties are completed to the correct specification. A new higher standard is being trialled to see the impact on all hard to let properties.


Our income performance:

       Current rent arrears for all rented homes is at 3.6% . Our target for 2019/20 is 3.5%

      Current rent arrears for Shared Owners  is at 1.5%. Our target for 2019/20 is 1%

 Current rent arrears for our Retirement residents  is at 1.7%. Our target for 2019/20 is 1.75%

 The Income team are continuing to work on ensuring all residents are paying their rents on time with adequate assistance provided to all residents on Universal credits. The team are working with DWP to ensure we have data sharing in a secure manner which will further help in assisting all residents on universal credit.


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