Despite the knock-on effects of the pandemic and ongoing supply chain issues caused by the war in Ukraine, we've continued to deliver on our development strategy to build 1,190 new homes by 2028, with 1,118 of these (94%) to be affordable. Our focus is to continue to deliver our 2028 investment strategy, building affordable, energy efficient, low carbon homes where they are needed most.

"I would like to thank Keli for all her help, I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to make this my home!”


Case study: Harrow One

The cost-of-living crisis, along with the ongoing environmental challenges globally, have highlighted the importance, both now and in the future, of super-efficient, low-carbon buildings.

Harrow One was designed with the environment and long-term wellbeing of our future residents in mind. The scheme has high levels of insulation, one of the most efficient heating systems in the country, rooftop solar panels and mechanical heat recovery systems to prevent mould and damp.  We also prioritised developing community and green spaces alongside new homes to encourage wellbeing and build a genuine sense of community.
This approach will mean that our residents at the scheme benefit from much lower than average energy bills and minimal environmental impact whilst enjoying a warm, dry home.

"I am delighted to have been invited to attend this important milestone in the development, which provides much needed homes for Harrow and a higher than usual level of affordable homes in a tenure-blind building." -  Councillor Keith Ferry, Housing and Regeneration Portfolio Holder for the LB of Harrow.