We know that a strong community is key to the wellbeing and welfare of our residents and the communities they are a part of. We run events online and in-person throughout the year, provide community funding for projects that benefit the communities we work in and we’re making sure we get out to our estates in person to discuss with our residents how we can work more closely with them to benefit their communities.


Our Community Fund

Our Community Fund is invested into projects that make a difference in our communities, which are often led by our residents. We've supported such a wide range of initiatives, from funding communal gardens to build a sense of community, to local food banks, barista training sessions to boost employability, football projects and woodwork classes for younger people. To find out more about some of the great things we've funded click the banner below!


Exploring our Neighbourhoods to gain insight into the communities they are a part of

Visiting our estates and speaking to the people who make up the communities within them is one of the most valuable ways we can learn more about what really matters to our residents. We listened to feedback about our colleagues being more visible on our estates and more connected with our residents to find out where we're doing well and what we can do more of to help improve the communities they're a part of. In response to this, we are asking our Neighbourhood Managers to make sure they complete regular walk abouts alongside our residents to see first-hand, and understand better the things that’ll improve the area. We’ve also now working more closely with local authority and Neighbourhood Policing teams to address antisocial behaviour and any criminal activity to make sure that our communities remain as pleasant and safe as possible.
Our Neighbourhood Explorers project has been running for three years as part of our 'Giving Something Back Days', an initiative to ensure colleagues from across the organisation get involved in the communities we work in. Throughout the year colleagues volunteer to visit one of our neighbourhoods, knock on doors to have a chat with our residents and ask a series of questions about their local area, our services and priority areas for improvements.

Case study:  One of our talented younger residents raising awareness of refugees and asylum seekers

One of our younger residents in supported housing who came to the UK seeking asylum has been part of a theatre production to raise awareness of refugees and asylum seekers. Our colleagues at the supported housing scheme help our young residents to overcome the many obstacles ahead of them and give them the tools to build their independence and find safety, acceptance and belonging in the communities they now live in. This really demonstrates the value of how a safe, secure home coupled with support and guidance can have such a positive outcome. The production reflects on some of his own experiences as he comes alongside his peers to act in this powerful and impactful stage performance. Our scheme manager Zoe Rose and the team are "extremely proud of him and what he has achieved. To be involved in a project so close to his own circumstances is commendable and shows the obstacles he and many others must overcome. He is an inspiration to our colleagues, other residents where he lives and the community we work in."

We've got lot's more planned to support and strengthen the communities we work in; in 2022/23, we plan to: 

  • Engage meaningfully with our residents to ensure we support the communities they live in to thrive
  • Pop up engagement events to reach our residents outside of London
  • Continue access to our community fund to empower residents and their communities to tackle issues that matter most to them.
  • Identify more partnership working opportunities to provide access to a range of community investment initiatives that reflect the needs and diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Maximise the use of our community halls for the benefit of our residents and the wider community.