When we started the year very few could have imagined we’d be hit by a global pandemic with all the suffering and hardship it has caused. In the midst of all these challenges, we have seen this experience bring out the best in our people and the local communities we serve. Our teams rapidly adapted and were able to maintain essential services, as well as reaching out to more vulnerable residents to offer support. In the process, we have introduced changes which have worked well and will continue into the future - with many examples of a faster pace of positive change emerging out of the crisis.  

We know however that there is a lot more to be done to improve how it feels to be an Origin resident and to make sure we consistently deliver the basics brilliantly. Over the coming years we are taking forward our new five-year plan ‘On your side – Working together’, through this plan we are re-connecting to the spirit, vision and determination of our founders. We will do more to make sure we actively listen and respond to our residents' concerns and priorities, working together better across the organisation to offer services which make your life easier. In doing this we will work to attract, retain, and invest in the best people who share our values; we will continue to improve our ways of working, systems and data to help our people do their jobs well and we will make best use of available resources to provide safe, decent affordable homes and places people are proud to live in.  

As we move beyond Covid and all start to re-connect more, I look forward to strengthening the relationship between our team and our residents – one based on openness, honesty, trust, mutual respect and partnership.  

With best wishes,