We’re committed to keeping our residents safe and have focussed on fire safety and security . We’ve carried out in-depth fire risk assessments on all our residential blocks, and invested over £3.4 million in strengthening fire safety measures. To make the work we've done as transparent and accessible as possible we built a portal for our residents so they can quickly access the fire risk assessment for their block or building.

We invested over £12 million repairing and refurbishing our existing homes including: over £400,000 on new kitchens, £450,000 on new bathrooms, nearly £800,000 on windows, approximately £1,000,000 on external improvements to 713 homes, and over £840,000 on 369 new energy efficient boilers to reduce utility bills and cut our carbon footprint.

We’ve continued to focus on building more high-quality, affordable new homes in London and Hertfordshire, investing £32.3 million in our development programme. 

We now own and manage 6,699 homes and plan to deliver over 1,000 more by 2022. We’re very proud that all of the 51 homes we delivered in 2018/19 are affordable and we're on track to deliver 314 new homes in 2019/20. As a member of  'The Connected Partnership', with Octavia and Shepherds Bush Housing Group we became a 'strategic partner' so we could receive £27m of grant funding to build 525  homes over the next four years.  The three-way Partnership is working together to deliver an affordable housing programme in north and west London, is one of the new strategic partners announced by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan who commit to delivering at least 60% of affordable housing in all developments.


Building homes is more than just about numbers and our residents agree

Case study: Stevenage purchase and repair

We were approached by Stevenage Borough Council to look at the options to help create more three bedroom social homes in borough. The scheme, known as ‘purchase and repair’ is where we buy existing homes then upgrade, improve and repair them to make sure they meet the ‘Decent homes standard’ before letting them for affordable rent with 100 % of nominations going through Stevenage Borough Council.