Our Financial Support Team helped 265 of our residents access a total of £306,181 in unclaimed benefits to helps sustain tenancies and maximise their household income.

Origin Hive – our ‘virtual’ panel of residents - has continued to buzz and influence the way we do things. We now have over 180 Origin Hive members; these are our residents aged from 20 to 80, from different backgrounds and areas who provide us with their views and insight to influence and shape the way we work, so we can continue to listen to feedback and improve.


We launched our Crowdfunding campaign in 2016/17. It’s had a fantastic long term impact on the lives of many of our residents and the communities we work with in 2017/18.


Through the CrowdFunder platform we pledged £16,000 to support a total of 20 projects that benefit our residents and communities this year. As a result of this an additional £64,810 was raised by ‘the crowd’ to create a total of £80,810 raised for 20 projects supported by Origin.


CrowdFunder estimate a total of over 33,000 people have benefitted from the projects we supported and for every £1 we pledged to the projects we supported it created an additional £4.05, an incredible 405% amplification.





Our We Are Ageing Better Project has successfully begun to improve the lives of lonely and isolated older people in St Pancras and Somers Town. The project had 208 new participants over the past year who’ve been getting involved in a huge range of activities from trips to the coast to playing netball and participating in a diabetes support group.


Case study: Chalcot Estate evacuation

Colleagues from across the business helped prepare some of our properties for families evacuated from Camden Council’s Chalcot Estate after the Grenfell fire led to discovery of fire safety issues in these council blocks.

As a result of joined up working with the Council and quick thinking from our colleagues we rented a van, sourced furniture and delivered it to some of our properties that were empty at the time to create temporary homes for local families.

The total number of hours volunteered in our communities was 2962 hours, or 370 working days.


Our Community Development Team and their partners in the communities we work in created an amazing £3.4m in 'social value'. Social value is a measure that applies a financial value to the positive impact community activities have.