We engaged with 178 of our residents from all of our different types of housing and tenure to make sure we continue to improve our services throughout 17/18.

This included reviewing our policies and written communications. Together with staff and residents, we defined our personality and the qualities that help shape our tone of voice. The idea of ‘Origin Voice’ is to speak with our residents in a consistent tone, using language that is easy to understand and free of meaningless jargon.

We are still embedding this throughout the organisation and providing further training to staff where needed.

We have been using social media much more this year with our Communications and Customer Resolution Teams monitoring Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn and actioning over 2,000 messages from our residents, followers and stakeholders. We've used social media to resolve lots of enquiries and to support local projects and residents this year. We've had some great feedback on our progress.

“It makes a real difference to have fly tips cleared. Well done Origin!” 

We responded to feedback from our residents that  we needed to improve our Estate Services so we’ve worked hard throughout the year to make sure we improve.

We’ve still got a way to go, but our customer satisfaction has been improving throughout the year, especially with the cleaning of internal and external areas in and around homes and estates.

Satisfaction with cleaning of internal communal areas is now at 71% up 5% from 2016/17 and satisfaction with cleaning of external communal areas is up 8% from 2016/17 to 64% this year.

87% of our residents were satisfied with their last repair for our main repairs contractor, Gilmartins, up from 74% last year.

We are continuing to work with our contractors to improve services to our residents, looking to learn from feedback and complaints to put new ways of working in place.

We  also  sped up the time it takes for us to re-let our properties by an average of over 51% across all the homes we own and manage.

This means we bring in more income and provide more places for people and their families to live in the communities we work in.