Origin’s Board delegates decision making authority to committees which oversee and scrutinise performance in key focus areas to ensure the organisation is running effectively.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee meets five times a year. Its purpose is to oversee:
  • Origin’s systems of internal control
  • The risk management framework
  • Internal and external audit functions
  • Compliance and controls in the areas of procurement, fraud and IT
  • The Group’s insurance arrangements
  • Data governance


Bryan Ingleby (Chair)
Caron Bradshaw
Argiri Papathos


Customer Services Committee

The Customer Services Committee formally meets four times a year. Its purpose is to:
  • Monitor service delivery performance including housing services, customer services, resident involvement, day to day repairs, stock investment programmes, community investment and care and support services
  • Ensure that resident voice is at the heart of decision making
  • Scrutinise customer feedback to make sure lessons are learnt to improve service delivery
  • Ensure that operational services are delivering value for money
  • Review policies for setting rents and service charges


Vicky Bonner  (Chair)
John Rogers
Jane Ryland

Investment Committee


Meeting at least four times a year, its role is to:

  • Oversee development and asset management
  • Approve development schemes
  • Scrutinise the delivery of the development and sales programme to ensure it is meeting programme targets, financial requirements, and quality standards
  • Review programme funding bids
  • Keep up to date with housing markets, policy, and housing needs assessments to maintain an up to date understanding of Origin’s future strategy and existing development programme


Robert Green (Chair)
Abi Jacobs
Tony Bacon 


Remuneration and Nominations Committee


Meeting four times a year, the Committee:

  • Oversees the reward and remuneration of staff, the Executive Team, and Board, ensuring the approach taken is clearly aligned to Origin’s values, strategic plan and business objectives

  • Ensures that there are adequate skills on the Board through skills and succession planning

  • Recommends the appointment or removal of Board and Committee members

  • Reviews pension arrangements periodically



Meena Anand (Chair)
Bryan Ingleby
Neil McCall


Health and Safety Oversight Group

The Health and Safety Oversight Group meets four times a year. Its purpose is to:

  • Oversee and scrutinise compliance with health and safety requirements

  • Ensure that the health and safety policy framework is effectively meeting legislative and regulatory requirements relating to property, residents, and staff

  • Review any reports on significant health and safety incidents and their implications

  • Monitor and oversee all matters relating to customer health and safety compliance through risk and KPI analysis


Neil McCall (Chair)
Argiri Papathos


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